Rear Suspension Disassembly

300ZXs have semi trailing arm suspension in the rear. You don't need any special tools, just wreches, sockets, and a floor jack.


  1. Jack the rear of the car up. Remove wheels.
  2. Remove calipers, caliper brackets, and rotors.
  3. Disconnect sway bar link.
  4. Remove brake lines from suspension arm.
  5. Remove spring.
  6. If removing the suspension arm: With the spring out and the control arm hanging by the shock you must remove one end of the half-shaft. The differential end simply pops out, the wheel end must be unbolted from the axle shaft. Use a flat pry bar, place it between the metal housing of the inner cv joint and the differential and hit it with a hammer, it will snap loose and slide right out of the differential. A dead blow hammer works best.
  7. Unbolt the shock and the control arm will be hanging by the pivot bolts. You must support the arm if you do not remove the half shafts otherwise you may damage them or pop the apart.
  8. Now unbolt the two pivot bolts and remove the control arm.


  1. Simply reverse the order above.
  2. To get the half shaft popped back into the differential you'll need a long peice of metal stock. Plase the metal bar against the metal housing of the inner half-shaft joint and hammer it back into the diff until it snaps into place. A large metal hammer works best.


A suspension spring can hold a large amount of energy. Large enough to easily break an arm/leg or remove a finger or other delicate body part. Don't try this if you don't have the proper tools or experience.

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