Harmonic Balancer Information

Because of the different years and engines, there were four different harmonic balancers used on the Z31's VG30 engines. Below is a chart to help determine which one you want to use.

Year Engine Aspiration Part Number PS Pulley AC Pulley H2O/Alt Pulley
1984-1986 A/B Series non-turbo 12303-V5020 V-Belt V-Belt V-Belt
1984-1986 A/B Series turbo 12303-V5320 V-Belt V-Belt micro-V
1987 A/B Series all 12303-F6100 micro-V micro-V micro-V
1987-1989 W Series all 12303-21V10 micro-V micro-V micro-V

You can use the A/B series balancers on the W series crankshafts if you get the spacer from Nissan (p/n 12308-V5321).

You should be able to use a W series balancer on an A/B series crankshaft if you get a slightly longer bolt with matching threads.

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