Z31 Chat

Where is it?

IRC Server: masters.ix.us.dal.net
Room Name: #300zx
No password is needed.
Once you are connected, type ”/join #300zx”.
If this is your first time, please change your nickname by typing ”/nick mynamegoeshere”.

How do I get there?

z31.com quick-n-ez web-based chat right here.

* OS X: Colloquy is good and free.
* Windows: go to mirc.co.uk and download mirc, the leading windows irc client.
* unix: at any unix prompt type “irc” or “BitchX”. If neither of these clients are available on your system, download bitchx from bitchx.org and compile it following the instructions there.

What is it?

Many members of Z31.com like to “hang out” in a chatroom started for common discussion of Z31 related topics. However, the topics are not moderated and discussion often varies across a very wide range. You should not feel that the only reason to visit is to talk about your car. Come in and join the conversation or just watch.

Why is it?

Often times, the subjects people like to discuss will require a more personal touch than a forum thread requires. This is a really great resource for people who are starting to get a feel for working on their cars but need a little more in depth information than is provided in the Z31.com wiki or by searching threads in the forum.

It should also be noted that this is a great place to get to know people, find people in the same area for events, or just hang out and shoot the….well anyway.

When is it?

People from around the world frequent the chat room at all hours of the day and night. You can usually talk to people from Finnland, France, Australia, Great Britian, Canada, and the USA.

Who does this for us?

Special thanks needs to go to John aka Devster for hosting this.

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