Acronyms To Know

Z31 Specific

  • AAC: Auxiliary Air Control Valve located on driver side of intake plenum
  • AFM: air flow meter(MAF: mass air flow sensor) (MAS: Mass airflow sensor) These terms are often used interchangably, technically MAF/MAS are mass meters(hot wire style).
  • AIV: Air Injection Valve located on drivers fender well by AFM
  • CAS: Crank Angle Sensor located in base of distributor
  • CHTS: cyclinder head temperature sensor
  • ECCU/ECCS/ECU: the engine's main computer located on the outside of the passenger footwell just in front of the door.
  • SS (or SE): 88 "Special Edition" (Nissan calls it the SS [aka “Shiro Special”], not SE)

General Automotive

  • BOV: Blow off Valve. Vacum/pressure operated valve located between throttle and turbo to vent pressure upon rapid closings of the throttle to help keep the turbo spinning faster and to prevent stalling the compressor from too much outlet pressure. There is no stock BOV on Z31s.
  • EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve located on passenger rear side of intake manifold next to firewall
  • FPR: fuel pressure regulator
  • nt, na, non-t: non-turbo, normally aspirated, non-turbo
  • O2: Oxygen Sensor or Exhaust Gas Sensor
  • PCV: positive crankcase ventilation - sucks crankcase gasses into engine to be burnt instead of polluting the atmosphere with the noxious and carcinogenic fumes.
  • POV: Pop off valve. Saftey valve on intake manifold to vent boost pressure in the event of boost control failure to prevent damaging engine.
  • PS: metric horsepower(1 horsepower = 1.014 PS)
  • t: turbo
  • TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
  • TSB: Technical service bulletin. Issued by Nissan to instruct and inform dealers how to fix common problems. TSBs are not free maintenance, they are only bulletins to ensure dealers are aware of common problems and how to most easily resolve them.
  • VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor
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