Level 1 Headline

VG30E(T) Disassembly

Hopefully you'll never need to know this, but if you do, here it is:


  1. Remove engine from car. Not a big deal, but if you don't think you'll be able to remember where it goes, label it. Keep everything separated and in order and you'll make you life much easier. Do not, of course, attempt to disconnect any A/C lines unless the system has been emptied.
  2. Put the engine on an engine stand, if you don't have one, buy one.
  3. Remove all external engine components and clean them thoroughly as you remove them, keeping everything in order and leballing as much or as little as you need to.
  4. Completely degrease engine, it'll make your work many times easier.
  5. Remove the upper half of the intake manifold, then the bottom half.
  6. Remove the rocker arm covers and clean them thoroughly.
  7. Remove the distributor taking care not to damage it.
  8. Remove the timing belt cover, timing belt, rear timing belt covers, and the cam and crank timing belt pullies.
  9. Remove the rocker arm shaft from each head, loosening the bolts a little at a time in a criss-cross pattern to avoid bending the shaft from valve spring pressure.
  10. Remove the lifter housing thingy, loosening bolts in a few steps in a criss-cross pattern to avoid warpage.
  11. Do not pull the lifters out of their guides unless you are replacing them or it is absolutely necessary. If you do, keep them in order and replace them in the same hole they came out of. To keep them in place, you can put small rubber bands around them to prevent them from falling out the bottom of the guides. Rubber bands for braces would work good.
  12. Loosen head bolts in a criss-cross pattern a little at a time and remove heads.
  13. Carefully scrape all gasket material from the head and block.
  14. Remove oil pan and loosen the main bearing cap bolts in a criss-cross pattern a little at a time and remove it.
  15. Remove all the rod caps, keeping them in order so they can be replaced on the same rod they came off of.
  16. Remove any ridge at the top of each cylinder with a ridge reamer unless you are buying new pistons.
  17. With a piece of wood, gently hammer each piston and rod out the top of the block making sure you don't drop one on the ground.
  18. Remove any remaining bearings from the rods or crank main journals.
  19. Remove oil pump.
  20. Block should be bare now, clean and do any machine work.

Head Disassembly

  1. With the heads on a sturdy bench, clean them completely.
  2. Remove rear cam covers and clean gasket surface.
  3. Remove the cam retaining bolt. There is a lug on the cam about midway that is there to hold the cam with a crescent wrench.
  4. Very carefully pull the cam forward out of the head, making sure not to scrape any bearing surfaces.
  5. You will notice that there are no bearings for the camshaft, if the journals are worn excessively you're in for big trouble.
  6. Remove valves, springs, etc, etc. Keep each valve assembly in it's own baggie with a little oil to prevent rust from forming.
  7. Heads should be bare now, clean and have any machine work done to them.
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