Brake Lights Stay On / Cruise Control Doesn't Work

Question: My brake lights won't turn off. Why?
Question: My cruise control stopped working. Why?

Answer: The rubber stopper that makes the switch lose contact broke.

You probably recently found something like this on the floor:

Order these parts from you Nissan dealer.
2 of 46584-S0100 = $1.76 each
1 of 46512-H0101 = $0.91 each (manual transmission only)

This is what you will get:
Note that the clutch pedal stopper is slightly thinner where it inserts into the hole.

Comparison of broken vs. new:

Position and orientation of brake pedal stoppers:

Position and orientation of clutch pedal stopper:

Another solution to cruise control not working: So you've checked the buttons on the pedals and the cruise still isn't working. The “pilot” light won't even stay on. You push the switch and it turns on, but the instant you let go of the switch, it turns back off. What's wrong? Chances are, you just installed a new stereo and removed all the remnants of the original stereo and amp and steering wheel control receiver from under the rear storage compartment, because the new stereo can't be controlled by the steering wheel anyway, right? Sure, this is all well and good, but did you also happen to notice the steering wheel also houses the controls for the cruise control? Did you know that there is a transmitter in the steering wheel for ALL the controls, not just the stereo? Don't worry about it, neither did anyone else. Simply put the box back into the little area. You don't need to worry about the DIN connector, it was only for carrying signals to the stereo. The cruise signals are still carried in the main wiring harness from the receiver box. Presto! Now the “pilot” light stays on again. Continue trouble shooting as needed (if needed).

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