Coolant Hose Part Numbers

Radiator Hoses

There are five basic radiator hoses attached to the front of the engine. There are two upper radiator hoses, one lower hose, one thermostat housing hose, and one bypass hose. The only hose that is not a molded hose is the thermostat housing hose. All others are custom molded to shape to work in the Z31. The part numbers are:

Hose Location Part Code Part Number
Bypass 14055M 14055-01P00
Thermostat 14055N 14055-V5010
Lower radiator 21503 21503-01P61
Upper radiator - front 21501 21502-01P25
Upper radiator - rear 21501N 21501-01P26

Heater Core Hoses

There are five basic hoses associated with the heater core. It will be very rare for you to need to change these. It would be even more rare for you to have to change the two that are inside the cabin of the car. They are also virtually impossible to get to unless you remove the dash. The part numbers are:

Hose Location Part Code Part Number
Block to water cock 27184 92400-22P00
Water cock to firewall 27183 92406-01P04
Firewall to water block 27181 92410-01P00
Internal hose 1 27025 27144-01P00
Internal hose 2 27026 27146-01P00
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