Later Tension Rods


The later tension rods were found on the 88 and 89 Z31s. These are the same style as the rods found on the Z32s and the S13s.

Part Numbers

Part Description Part Number Quantity List Price
Nut 01225-00491 2 $2.60
Rod-tension-Rh 54470-26P00 1 $62.37
Rod-tension-Lh 54471-26P00 1 $54.55
Bolt 54475-26P00 2 $2.97
Bushing 54476-26P10 2 $13.40
Bracket Tension-Rh 54480-26P00 1 $124.80
Bracket Tension-Lh 54481-26P00 1 $125.13

Swap Information

To swap to the later style mounts, it's simple. Just remove the main bracket from the body and tension rod from the control arm. Removing the anti-sway bar from the control arm will make it a little easier to bolt up the new tension rods.

Before installing the new rods, make sure the bushings are in good shape. If they need replacement, you have the option of buying new Nissan bushings or buying new polyurethane bushings. The poly bushings are found in the main Z31 bushing kit available from |Motorsport Auto. Supposedly, the tension rod bushings are the same as those used in the S13 models. So if you only need those bushings, you can order them from any one of the dozens of sites on the internet carrying those parts.

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