Stock Transmissions
1984-1986 turbos came with Borg Warner T5's. Most internal parts are same as Ford Non-World Class T5's.

1984-1989 Non-turbos came with the FS5W71C transmission. Proven to be very strong in stock form when not abused.

1987-1989 Turbos came with the FS5R30A transmission. Proven to be very stong, even when abused.

Non-Stock Transmissions
Z32 5 speed RS5R30A has been adapted with FS5R30A bellhousing and custom driveshaft. Internally they are almost identical.

FS5W71C from KA equiped 240sx's has been adapted with VG bellhousing. They are identical otherwise.

Ford and GM T5's have been adapted in place of the Nissan T5.

Other vehicles equiped with stock transmissions
4 cylinder trucks came with the FS5W71C transmission.

VG30 equiped trucks came with FS5R30A transmission. Few trucks came with VG30's.

1990-1995 Pathfinders with VG30 came with FS5R30A transmission. All in USA were VG30's.

1986-1988 S12 200sx cam with Fs5W71C


FS5R90A (aka Borg Warner T5)
1984-1986 Turbos
Use a short shifter for a Ford Non-World Class T5.
Examples would be B&M 45050 and 45070 or BBK's T5 shifter.

1984-1989 Non-Turbos
Use Short Shifter for 71C transmission in S13 240sx.
Examples would be B&M 45088 or OBX SSK8999 (Commonly available on Ebay)

1987-1989 Turbos
Rumor has it the OBX S13 shifter (FS5W71C transmission) can be adapted to work.
Example is OBX SSK8999 from Ebay


Performance Aluminum driveshafts are available on a special order basis from MSA. If they are anywhere near the prices for other Z cars, they will be very expensive.

Any good driveline shop can take your stock pieces and build you a shaft that will hold gobs of torque and have rebuildable u-joints. Expect to pay several hundred dollars for this.


Axle Shafts

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