Telling Them Apart

How to distinguish the years, models, etc.

SpoilerTurbo OnlyTurbo OnlyAllTurbo Only
General5 spoke wheels5 spoke wheels3rd Brake light in Spoiler
Side Skirts
Rounded hood, fenders, front clip
Fog lights under bumper
Hard to tell 87-89 apart
Turbo Specific5 lug wheels5 lug wheels16”x7” wheels
w/ short angled spokes
16” wheels
“Turbo” badging below right taillight
NA Specific4 lug wheels4 lug wheels15”x6.5” wheels
w/ short straight spokes
15” wheels
no turbo sticker

Telling 2 seaters and 2+2s Apart Quickly

The 2 seaters have a triangular rear side window, the 2+2s are 4 sided.

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