1988 300ZX SS Limited Edition

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Basic SS information

The SS package was available on 88 models only.

Special features only available on the SS

  • pearl white paint
  • white wheels
  • recaro seats
  • viscous LSD instead of the standard clutch LSD
  • lower air dam in front
  • SS specific non-adjustable shock absorbers
  • higher-rate springs

There were no options available on the SS, they all came with

  • manual transmission
  • analog dash
  • t-tops
  • a (mostly) black interior

If a car is different than this then it is not an SS model.

1988 Shiro Special Description

Lacking the digital dash and fancy radio, power seats, and adjustable shocks they are lighter than your normal 87-89 turbo. I'm just guessing here, but figure 100 pounds are saved over a similar non-SS turbo car. The SS is commonly called the SE, but S/S is the correct designation according to Nissan.

The SS is the rarest Z31 made with only 10021) units produced for the US market. 75 SS models were exported to Canada and each of these models carries a badge with the edition number. Compare this to the 84 Anniversary Edition production of 5148 for the US or the 1980 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition production of 3000.

How do you tell for sure? Open the hood and read the model plate that is located on the driver's strut tower. All SS models have the trim designation of “SS” encoded in the model information. The SS models all will read: KHLZ31ST(N/U/V)C

  • K = T-Tops
  • H = VG30E motor
  • L = left hand drive
  • Z31 = model designation
  • S = Trim level type “SS”
  • T = Turbo
  • Emissions
    • N = Canadian
    • U = Federal (the other 49 states)
    • V = California
  • C = Manual Climate control.

KHLZ31STNC = Canadian SS
KHLZ31STUC = Federal Emissions SS
KHLZ31STVC = Californian SS

Facts and Myths

myth: The SS featured the BW T5 transmission.
fact: All SS models featured the same transmission as the regular 88 turbos.

myth: The SS had more power.
fact: The SS had the same power as the regular 88 turbos.

myth: The SS had no speed limiter.
fact: The SS had the same 137 mph speed limiter the rest of the 88 turbos had.

myth: The SS is all pearl white.
fact: The wheels and the front lip are regular white. The mirrors and spoiler are the same metallic charcoal the rest of the trim is. The door handles and rear bumperettes are pearl white matching the body.

More Information

1) According to AZ-ZBum's Registry
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