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z31.com was started in 1994 when I was a poor college student and was learning about that internet thing in my copious quantities of spare time. I am no longer able to dedicate the time needed to significantly expand this web site. For the last few years I have basically kept it running and made occasional small changes.

All new material on z31.com will now come from you, the members. If you figure out how to do something new or in a better way, please consider documenting it so that it can be made permanently available here. Every piece of information you have found here so far was contributed by somebody, so please give back to the knowledge base when you have something that will help others.

Should you decide to help leave this place better than when you found it, here are some basic guidelines for submitting work:

We are flexible and want to make the process of submitting work as easy as possible. However, an email of jumbled typing with bad english and inaccurate information is more difficult to edit than to simply write the work myself, and that defeats the whole purpose.

Something as simple as text in an email with attached pictures can, if the writing is of high quality, be made into a usable procedure in a short time. This is the objective, to gather your knowledge and record it here for posterity. You do the writing and we'll do the formatting, editing the photos, and all that boring work.

If you would like to contribute work to z31.com, simply prepare your work and get it to us. You can email it, upload it, or paste it on the board. See our contact page for contact information. We want to make contributing to z31.com as painless as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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