How to fix your Digital Dash

The Digital dash was part of an option package that cost $1200. Included in this package was an upgraded stereo and digital climate controls. The digital dashes have a fairly common habbit of going bad. Usually it just completely goes out. To run the self-diagnostics on the dash: With the ignition off, hold the two trip odometer buttons in and turn on the ignition(Don't start it), let the buttons go once the diagnostics start and watch the show.
The speed signal comes from a pulse generator mounted right by the battery, it has a few wires coming out of it and the speedometer cable attaches to it. The pulse generator is not indestructable, they have been known to go bad. Also check that the speedometer cable is turning from the transmission and that the the cable is turhing the pulse generator. The most common problem is the dash just going out, the power supply unit is the culprit with bad solder joints on the circuit board. Here is the procedure for fixing this problem:

  1. The power supply for the digital dash is located just above your right knee. Remove the trim panel directly above the drivers' knees. It's the one that the hood release and steering wheel tilt lever pass through.
  2. The box is above the area where your right knee is when you're driving. It is about 5x5x1 inches. Remove it. There are two brackets welded onto it which are held in place by one screw each. There are also two wire harnesses connected to it.
  3. The most common problem by far is simply loss of contact. I have heard of solder joints on the circuit board cracking, indeed, a TSB was issued about this and reccomended replacing the unit, about $400 each! On some, the connectors simply weren't making contact anymore, you can twist each pin a little bit with a small pair of pliers. Cutting the connectors off and soldering the wires to the pins themselves would permanently solve the problem. Another common fix is to wedge something between the connectors and the box, this appears to be the most common place for a bad connection.
  4. The unit may need replacement, but I've never heard of one just wearing out. It is quite expensive at around $500.

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