Adjustable suspension

On models with the adjustable suspension, there are 3 settings selected via a switch on the console between the seats. The adjustable shocks/struts tend to last longer than the non-adjustable ones, although they are obscenely expensive to replace. New Nissan ones cost on the order of $800. That's $800 each. Most opt to replace them with non-adjustable aftermarket struts. I'm not sure whether or not you can just pop non-adjustable struts in the front, KYB sells some "adaptor kit" to do it. I don't know what the "kit" includes or if it's even necessary. If someone could enlighten me about this I would appreciate it greatly. The adjustable struts are rebuildable, Nissan used to sell rebuild kits for them. To the best of my knowledge the kits consisted of new seals, o-rings, etc. and new oil. The adjustable struts just wear out, there is rarely any problem with the electronics or motors in the shocks. If anyone can tell me whether or not regular non-adjustable struts just drop into the adjustable housings I'd really appreciate it. I imagine that the rear shocks are easily replaced without any "kit" as they only need to bolt to the mount insulator on top.

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