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Various repair procedures and information can be found here. Service manuals are very handy and you should have one. Some factory service manuals can be found at carfiche.com. Haynes manuals can be found on amazon.com, but they are not as good as the Nissan FSM.


  1. Brake lights always on?
  2. Cruise control flaky?
  3. Overheating problems?
  4. Air flow meter
  5. Front suspension dissassembly
  6. Rear suspension dissassembly
  7. Throttle position sensor
  8. Fuel pressure regulator
  9. Adjustable suspensions
  10. How to convert a Maxima engine to a Z engine
  11. Engine dissassembly
  12. Timing belt
  13. Cyclinder Head Temperature Sensor
  14. Clutch
  15. Brakes
  16. Steering rack
  17. Digital Dash
  18. Injector leaks
  19. Power window repair
  20. Digital climate control diagnosis
  21. The little fan by the rear view mirror
  22. Tuning your 300ZX after repairs
  1. Color combinations
  2. Polishing aluminum(wheels, "3000" plate on engine, etc).
  3. Fixing your sagging headliner
Assembly diagrams:
  1. Engine bottom end
  2. Head
  3. Differential
  4. Front suspension
  5. Rear suspension
  6. Rear hub assembly
  7. Manifolding

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