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Front suspension (Disassembly) is standard MacPherson strut design. Rear suspension (Disassembly) is standard semi-trailing arm design. Only the toe is adjustable on both front and rear.

Many 300ZXs have problems with excessive negative camber in the rear. This can be fixed in a variety of ways:

If you have an 84-86 Z you can swap in front control arms from an 87-89 and get about an extra -0.4 degrees of camber in front. They are 10mm longer(comparison) and will increase your front track by about 22mm(Make sure you get an alignment). If you have an 87-89 you can swap in strut housings from an 84-86 and get the same result. This will decrease wheel clearance to the strut housing however. Stock wheels will still fit, but other non stock wheels may rub the strut housing.

The ball joints in the front are replacable WITHOUT buying new arms and joints. Simply remove the arm and press(hammer) the old balljoint out(After removing the snap ring that holds it in!!!) A balljoint is much cheaper than an entire control arm and ball joint. You can even get greasable joints that will outlast the car.

Another usefull modification is to transplant the 88-89 style tension rods onto your 84-87. All that is needed is the 88-89 tension rods and 88-89 tension rod brackets.

Ground Control makes front camber plates for 84-89 300ZXs.
Prothane polyurethane suspension bushing kits are available from MotorSport Auto, one kit has all the bushings for all years/models of Z31.

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