Springs and shocks

There are many spring and shock options available for your car. In addition to the normal aftermarket springs available(eibach, tokico, suspension techniques, intrax, etc, etc) you can also use springs from other 300ZXs. 87-89 turbos have fairly stiff springs and the springs from an 88SE(SS if you prefer) are about the hardest springs you can get without special ordering a set. Some common aftermarket spring rates are shown below. Note the eibachs, they are variable rate springs. Variable rate springs are often touted as "wuss springs" because of their softness when uncompressed. Linear rate springs are generally better for performance but much worse in the ride department. All the non-nissan springs below will lower your car approximately 1/2-1 inch from stock depending on the condition of your current springs.

SS springs are a rare commodity now, as the Nissan supply of them was depleted in March 2000. A trickle of SS springs are available at various large dealerships as they pop up in Nissan's inventory in Japan. Check Courtesy Nissan if you insist on buying them new($112 EACH, $85 EACH from courtesy. You need 4). Since they were so popular, they should start popping up in junkyards. All stock springs are color coded for their application - SS springs have white and purple marks on the rear springs while the fronts have orange and pink marks.

If you get harder springs you also need firmer shocks to hold the springs. Tockico non-adjustable shocks are the most popular and are firm enough for all but the stiffest springs. Be forewarned, if you use SS springs the tokicos are not firm enough to hold them. Bilstien HDs and Tokico adjustables are the most popular high end shocks and are firm enough for any springs you can get. KYB, Koni, sachs-boge, and many others make replacement shocks as well. Be warned, kyb and sachs-boge are not performance shocks as they are fairly soft.

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Note: SS springs have white/purple color codes (paint dots)on the rear springs and orange/pink color code on front.

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