300ZX Drive Train Details

The power leaves the engine through a standard design single plate clutch then into the 5 speed transmission, then down a very short driveshaft and into a standard Nissan R200 differential. Limited slip was was standard on turbos made after 4/87. You can install a phantom Grip which is a drop-in fake LSD for open differentials. Through CV jointed half shafts and to the rear wheels. The driveshaft is of fixed length, slides on the splined output shaft of the transmission, and is bolted onto a flange at the front of the differental unit. The U-joints in the driveshaft are not replaceable, the entire driveshaft must be replaced if the U-joints wear out. A good machine shop should be able to modify your driveshaft to be able to take replacable joints. The entire rear suspension is mounted on rubber bushings. The rear differential mount has a tendencay to separate. The front of the differential unit is solidly bolted to the rear suspension crossmember, which is mounted with rubber bushings to the underside of the body on the outside edges, just behind the rear seats. I have never heard of a Nissan transmission going bad unless severely abused, and the differentials have a reputation for being super tough, they take small block V8 conversions rather easily.

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